Mindfulness for a Messy Life

Mindfulness for a Messy Life is an innovative self-care program that gives you a new way of approaching depression and anxiety—as your own most informed, compassionate, and empowered ally. Based on decades-worth of real-world research, MfML will help you gain transformational insights into the source of your symptoms, while building a powerful set of tools that offer you both immediate relief and cumulative healing. 

Some of the features that make this the most dynamic and comprehensive mental wellness course available; MfML:

  • includes videos, interactive exercises, worksheets and workbooks, personal stories, audio downloads of guided meditations, as well as links to key resources.
  • is the culmination of 30 years of relentless research and trial and error, and continues to evolve as new treatments and techniques emerge.
  • offers you all the very best non-medical mental wellness tools & resources in one place. You won't find that anywhere else!
  • is designed to be customized to target your specific mental health needs.

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