A Radically Empowering Approach to Mental Wellness

Mindfulness for a Messy Life is a dynamic mental health platform that gives you all the information and support you need to start your journey toward healing depression and anxiety. 

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15 Mood Boosters for a Messy Life


If this sounds like you...

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I feel like my mind is working against me.
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I can't figure out what's causing my symptoms.
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It's hard just to get through the day.
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I feel like something is deeply wrong with me.


  ...then you've come to the right place.

Mindfulness for a Messy Life draws on the best of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques, somatic awareness, and mindfulness-based practices, to help you:

Gain transformational insights into the source of your mental health challenges.

Build a powerful set of tools for immediate relief and cumulative healing. 

Lessen the intensity and frequency of negative emotional experiences.

Regulate your nervous system.

Identify and strengthen your inner and outer resources.

Remain hopeful even during the most difficult times.

Enhance your capacity for self-compassion.

More skillfully manage your symptoms.

Turning you into your own most informed, affirming, empowering mental health ally!

Jumpstart Your Healing with Empowered Optimism
Your Whole-Life Mental Health Makeover
Proven tools and resources fom the author of the acclaimed ThinkBuildLive Success series, which has helped change the lives of over 50,000 people around the country.
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Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I'm an author, educator, producer, and performer. For the past 20 years, I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, colleges, high-schools, and non-profit organizations, creating and teaching courses that promote social emotional learning, presentation-skills, career readiness, and mental wellness. 

As a musician I've performed at venues and for charities all over the northeast, and recorded the album The Weight of Mortal Skin, which you can hear on radio stations around the world. I’ve also produced numerous benefit concerts and charity events as well as public radio programs in support of social and environmental causes. 

I am also a long-time battler of depression and anxiety. 

My mission–both personal and professional–is to eradicate the shame and stigma around mental illness, while inspiring sufferers to action with relevant, real-world tools and techniques. Oh, and to have a few laughs along the way! Here you can learn more about me and my work, including my acclaimed ThinkBuildLive Success series, which has been used by over 50k students and educators around the country.

My Personal Story
My Professional Story
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Elizabeth Kemler has done an excellent job of providing extensive resources for those looking to delve deeper into their mental wellness in the privacy of their own homes. Her warm delivery and compassionate viewpoint is sure to help many people become healthier and wiser about their emotional well-being.

Christine Parrott, BPS Chartered Counseling Psychologist & Author of Your Self Series

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I have taught mindfulness to thousands of people over the years, many of whom were struggling with mental health issues. After going through the Mindfulness for a Messy Life course, I must say that I cannot imagine having a more comprehensive and powerful course to recommend to my students.

Chipamong Chowdhury, Author, Educator, Columbia University Fellow

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While making my film Wrestling Ghosts, I had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of trauma and the negative impact it can have on every aspect of a person’s life. I’ve also seen the potential for healing, and I believe Mindfulness for a Messy Life offers one of the most comprehensive approaches to healing I’ve seen. These are the kind of tools that will change lives.

Ana Joanes, Documentary Filmmaker, Generation Meds, Fresh, Wrestling Ghosts

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The Mindfulness for a Messy Life program gives you a great educational understanding of yourself, your brain, your feelings, as well as practical directives on how to get your thoughts and feelings to act as resources instead of obstacles. Then it moves you to do something with what you've learned. I'm so thankful to have this tool to offer my clients. 

Natalie Diaz Ludewig, LCSW-R

What makes Mindfulness for a Messy Life Unique?

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