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A dynamic, interactive program that gives you all the tools you need to become your own lifelong mental health ally. 

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If you feel like your mind is working against you...

If you can't figure out what's causing your symptoms...

If your mental health challenges make it hard to get through the day...

If you feel like something is inherently wrong with you...


...then you've come to the right place!

Designed for the real-world challenges that come with depression and anxiety, Mindfulness for a Messy Life combines the best of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques, somatic awareness, and mindfulness-based practices, to help you:

Gain transformational insights into the source of your mental health challenges.

Build a powerful set of tools for immediate relief and cumulative healing. 

Lessen the intensity and frequency of negative emotional experiences.

Regulate your nervous system.

Identify and strengthen your inner and outer resources.

Remain hopeful even during the most difficult times. 

Enhance your self-compassion.

More skillfully manage your symptoms.


Start Your Healing Journey

"While making my film Wrestling Ghosts, I had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of trauma and the negative impact it can have on every aspect of a person’s life. I’ve also seen the potential for healing, and I believe Mindfulness for a Messy Life offers one of the most comprehensive approaches to healing I’ve seen. It’s the kind of course that will change lives."

Ana Joanes
Documentary Filmmaker, Generation Meds, Fresh, Wrestling Ghosts

"Mindfulness for a Messy Life is a beautiful and brilliantly constructed program, and Elizabeth Erin Kemler offers her own experience with such openness and honesty that anyone working with the course will feel immediately supported. I highly recommend this program for anyone struggling to find equanimity in a messy world— and that probably means all of us. But those struggling with depression and anxiety will find a great support and friend in Elizabeth and her amazing work."

Maggie Mailer
Artist, Educator

"I have taught mindfulness to thousands of people over the years, many of whom were struggling with mental health issues. After going through Mindfulness for a Messy Life, I must say that I cannot imagine having a more comprehensive and powerful course to recommend to my students."

Chipamong Chowdhury
Author, Activist, Columbia University Fellow

""Elizabeth Kemler has poured her heart, soul and brilliance into this program. It is amazing - a real gift to the world."

Beth Blatt
Award-Winning Playwright, Performer, and Founder of Hope Sings

""Mindfulness for a messy life encompasses decades of tried and tested methods that Elizabeth has relied on to successfully navigate through her life. It is an amazing program for anyone to refer to and practice. Medications can only help us to a certain extent. Elizabeth provides great insights on how to find sanity in our lives."

Diviya Divakar

What makes Mindfulness for a Messy Life Unique?

MfML makes mindfulness principles and practices relevant and applicable to the specific challenges of depression and anxiety. Through its comprehensive, 3-step process, MfML equips you with everything you need to heal what can be healed, and more skillfully manage the symptoms that persist. 

The tools and strategies included in this program are designed to turn you into your own lifelong mental health ally–an informed, affirming, empowering ally. And whenever you get stuck, you will have MfML as your ever-accesible, one-stop-shop resource. 

MfML is written in readable, blog-style posts and includes videos, interactive exercises, worksheets and workbooks, guided meditations, personal stories, tons of customizable strategies, tools and techniques, as well as links to key resources. 

MfML was created by someone who knows first hand, the challenges of living with depression and anxiety. This course is the culmination of her 30 years of relentless research, lived experience, and a good dose of trial and error. It combines the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, as well as mindfulness-based practices. And MfML continues to evolve as new treatments and techniques emerge. 

While fully comprehensive, MfML is designed to be customized to target your specific mental health needs. You'll find it easy to navigate and access what's most relevant to you, and of course you can return to the course anytime.

From the author of the acclaimed ThinkBuildLive Success series, which has helped change the lives of over 50,000 people around the country.

About Me

I'm an author, educator, event producer, and performer. For the past 20 years, I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, colleges, high-schools, and non-profit organizations, creating and teaching courses that promote social emotional learning, presentation-skills, career readiness, and mental wellness. 

As a musician I've performed at venues and for charities all over the northeast, recording the album The Weight of Mortal Skin, along the way (which you can now hear on radio stations around the globe!). As an event producer, I've produced numerous benefit concerts and charity events, as well as radio programs, in support of social and environmental causes. 

I am also a long-time battler of depression and anxiety. 

My mission–both personal and professional–is to eradicate the shame and stigma around mental illness, while inspiring sufferers to action with relevant, real-world tools and techniques. Oh, and to have a few laughs along the way! Here (link to Elizabethkemler.com) you can learn more about me and my work, including my acclaimed ThinkBuildLive Success series, which has been used by over 50k students and educators around the country.  

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