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Are you tired of

  • Feeling alone in your struggle with depression or anxiety?
  • Having your life ruled by your symptoms?
  • Spending countless hours filtering through all the conflicting information out there?
  • Searching for meaningful, lasting help?

Mindfulness for a Messy Life was created to change all that!

There is no lack of helpful info out there, but for those of us battling depression and anxiety, tools and strategies are not enough.

To make meaningful, sustainable change, we need:


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To know what's making us feel as badly as we do

This not only informs our healing plan, but validates our experience and gives us a foundation for self-understanding and acceptance.

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To feel worthy of a better quality of life and health

Only when we recognize our own worth will we give ourselves the consistent self-care needed for true, lasting wellness.

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To believe (and see!) that getting better is possible

Hope is like emotional oxygen, and when that hope is grounded in real-world proof (the kind you’ll get here!), it's a powerful motivator.

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To have tools and resources we'll actually use

If it's easy to remember, easy to use, and consistently proves helpful, we're far more likely to use it–which of course is essential to healing.

Mindfulness for a Messy Life gives you all this.

Through a powerful 3-step process, you will become your own lifelong mental health ally, equipped with everything you need to heal what can be healed, and more skillfully manage the symptoms that persist.

I want access!

Imagine if...

  • You were the foremost expert on your mental health.

  • You knew where to go and what to do when symptoms arose.

  • You had an inner support system you could access 24/7.

  • You had all your mental wellness tools and resources in one place.
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Elizabeth Kemler has done an excellent job of providing extensive resources for those looking to delve deeper into their mental wellness in the privacy of their own homes. Her warm delivery and compassionate viewpoint is sure to help many people become healthier and wiser about their emotional well-being.

Christine Parrott, BPS Chartered Counseling Psychologist & Author of Your Self Series

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Mindfulness for a Messy Life not only gives you all the information you need to understand what's causing your mental health issues, but gives you reasonto believe in your own powers of healing, and tons of tools to help facilitate that. I love the unique approach it takes too..a combination of scientific research and personal stories–which really helped me feel less alone with my struggle. For anyone looking for serious support, I don't think you can do better than Mindfulness for a Messy Life.

Victoria Matos, CUNY Psychology Student


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Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I'm an author, educator, producer, and performer. For the past 20 years, I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, colleges, high-schools, and non-profit organizations, creating and teaching courses that promote social emotional learning, presentation-skills, career readiness, and mental wellness. 

As a musician I've performed at venues and for charities all over the northeast, and recorded the album The Weight of Mortal Skin, which you can hear on radio stations around the world. I’ve also produced numerous benefit concerts and charity events as well as public radio programs in support of social and environmental causes. 

I am also a long-time battler of depression and anxiety. 

My mission–both personal and professional–is to eradicate the shame and stigma around mental illness, while inspiring sufferers to action with relevant, real-world tools and techniques. Oh, and to have a few laughs along the way! Here you can learn more about me and my work, including my acclaimed ThinkBuildLive Success series, which has been used by over 50k students and educators around the country.

This is for you if...

You are ready to take control of your mental health

You are done trying to sort through a million blogs and websites in search of the help you need

You want a program created by someone who knows first hand the challenges of dealing with depression and anxiety AND that has the science to back it up

You no longer want rely solely on outside sources for your mental wellness

Yes that's me!

What you'll learn:

What is causing your symptoms of depression and/or anxiety

How to access the inner resources you need to proactively address all your symptoms

How to support yourself even when things are at their worst

To become your own most informed, affirming, empowering mental health ally–for life

What's Included

  • 87 information packed, blog-style 'posts'
  • a "fast track" tools & resources-only option
  • videos 
  • guided meditations
  • interactive exercises
  • downloadable worksheets and mini-workbooks
  • personal stories
  • tons of customizable strategies, tools and techniques
  • links to key resources
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Mindfulness for a Messy Life is a beautiful and brilliantly constructed program, and Elizabeth Kemler offers her own experience with such openness and honesty that anyone working with the course will feel immediately supported. I highly recommend this program for anyone struggling to find equanimity in a messy world— and that probably means all of us. But those struggling with depression and anxiety will find a great support and friend in Elizabeth and her amazing work.

Maggie Mailer, Artist, Educator

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"Mindfulness for a Messy Life encompasses decades of tried and tested methods that Elizabeth has relied on to successfully navigate through her life. It is an amazing program for anyone to refer to and practice. Medications can only help us to a certain extent. Elizabeth provides great insights on how to find sanity in our lives.

- Diviya Divakar


Here's a sneak peak at what's inside...

Module 1

In this module, we take a deep dive into the what and why of depression and anxiety–identifying the many possible contributing factors to your own mental health challenges (biological, psychological and circumstantial), while gaining a thorough understanding of what depression and anxiety are doing to your brain and body. We end with a comprehensive set of healing practices.

Module 2

This module offers more than hope, it provides evidence that you can effect positive change in your life. We look at the science of mental wellness as well as your own, ever-accessible inner resources. You’ll also learn a unique method for building a sustainable foundation for mental wellness utilizing a host of tools you can incorporate seamlessly into your daily life.

Module 3

Here you'll identify and build the outer resources you need to support your mental health. You’ll then plug everything you've learned into a single, actionable healing plan you can use as a guide–daily, weekly, whenever you need it. And to ensure it's a plan you can really stick with, we'll also address many of the common obstacles you may face on your mental wellness journey.


What's the Investment?

3 payments of


What's included

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • All worksheets, audio downloads, and videos
  • All course updates and add-ons 
  • Free access to the extended kindle version of the course (in process)
  • 20% Discount on MfML's Empowered Optimism Course

One-time payment


What's included

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • All worksheets, audio downloads, and videos
  • All course updates and add-ons 
  • Free access to the extended kindle version of the course (in process)
  • 20% Discount on MfML's Empowered Optimism Course

Purchase of 25+ courses

20% Discount

What's included

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • All worksheets, audio downloads, and videos
  • All course updates and add-ons
  • Free access to the extended kindle version of the course (in process)
  • Free access to MfML's Empowered Optimism Course

Looking to purchase 25 or more courses?

Contact [email protected] for a 20% discount.

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