About MfML

Depression and anxiety make a mess of our minds and a mess of our lives. Managing that mess can become a full-time job. An exhausting, dispiriting job that often leaves us no better off for our efforts.

And most of us spend so much time and energy just trying to get ourselves ‘okay’ enough to function, we lose any sense of who we are beneath the struggle. It’s as though we ‘become’ our symptoms.

Mindfulness for a Messy Life will take you on an inspiring, eye-opening journey that gets you back in touch with the healthy, vibrant human you are underneath all that mess–even if you’re totally unsure of who that is.

Combining the best of positive psychology, somatic awareness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness practices, with a hearty helping of personal experience and a dose of humor, MfML will take you step by step through a life-changing process of self-discovery.

You will learn to relate to yourself from a place of understanding and acceptance; to treat yourself as someone valuable and worthy of love and respect. You will build an inner foundation of compassion, hope, and the kind of grounded optimism that both comes from, and fosters, meaningful action.

As you progress through this course, you will become your own greatest source of strength, inspiration, and support. In other words, your own greatest ally. 

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You will get the best of the best practices for living a mental healthy life–from the inside out. 

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You will learn how to use your thoughts, actions, and emotions as healing tools, and in the process, turn your mind into an inner sanctuary.

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Emotional Nutrition

You will develop a highly customized mental health toolbox that will help you feed your mind, body, and heart, emotionally 'nutritious' food. 

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